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Whether you are working or retired, its important to consider how an unexpected accident or illness could impact you and your family’s finances. It is well known that Long Term Care can be costly, not only financially but also as a burden on loved ones as they often become our caregivers as we recover from an accident or simply age in to needing more assistance. What is unknown to many Americans is the growing risk of Short Term Care, also know as Recovery Care, after an accident or illness. 

Important facts to know:

  • 70%  of people over 65 will need long term care services and support at some point. 

  • $72,000 is the average cost of nursing facility care per year. 

  • Rehab and Long term care are not covered by Medicare under many cases.  

  • Medicare Supplement plans only cover Medicare approved claims, so if your rehab/ long term care claim isn’t covered by Medicare then your Medicare Supplement plan wont cover it either.

As healthcare costs rise expensive hospital stays are getting shorter and shorter. Instead of recovering in the hospital after an accident or illness like we have in the past, we are often now expected to recover (for a short term period) at a rehab facility or in our homes. This new way of receiving healthcare, while it may seem like a minor change, could cost you thousands out of pocket! 

In order to receive any coverage from Medicare for rehab or Long Term Care services outside of the hospital YOU MUST FIRST SPEND AT LEAST 3 NIGHTS IN THE HOSPITAL AND YOU MUST BE ADMITTED UNDER “INPATIENT” STATUS. It is important to note that hospitals routinely admit patients under “Observation Care” which does not meet medicare’s requirements to receive rehab benefits regardless of the number of nights you are in the hospital. Learn more about Original Medicare

NEW OPTION AVAILABLE: Short Term Care Insurance (also known as Recovery Care)

So what does this all mean? 

While Medicare does provide quality healthcare benefits we are still at risk for bills for physical therapy relating to both short term care and long term care which on average can cost a staggering $4,000 to $6,000 per month!

What are our options to protect against these large expenses? 

 Traditionally Long Term Care insurance has been the primary method of protecting ourselves from these large expenses. While Long Term Care insurance provides the most comprehensive coverage it is also the most expensive, usually costing between $300 to $500 per month for a person applying at the age of 65. Click Here to learn more about Long Term Care Insurance

NEW OPTION AVAILABLE: Short Term Care Insurance (also known as Recovery Care)

What is Short Term Care Insurance? 

Short Term Care Insurance, also know as Recovery Care, is a type of insurance that provides up to 1 year of coverage for rehab, physical therapy, custodial care, and other short term physical therapy typically needed after an accident, illness, or surgery. While it is true that some long-term care claims last for many years, almost half of all claims (49%) will last one year or less. 

Two key features of Short Term Care Insurance that are important to note include the option for your coverage to begin the first day you need care with no waiting period, and the ability for Short Term Care  Insurance to pay in addition to Medicare which most traditional long-term care policies are not allowed to do. As you can see this new short term recovery type of policy is not your grandfathers nursing home policy… this new modern coverage is designed to help up get back on our feet while additionally easing the burden in the event of longer term recovery times.

Applying for Short Term Care with Health Concerns:

Applying for Recovery Care insurance is a very simple process with usually only 7 and 10 “Yes or No” health questions being asked in addition to your Medication list. This means many of those who were denied Long-Term Care insurance coverage due to a health condition now have great option for a second chance at coverage! 

Who Should Consider a Short Term Care Policy?

  • If a you are over the age of 50 and a $3,000- $5,000 per month healthcare expense would create a financial hardship. 

  • You would like a LESS EXPENSIVE alternative to traditional Long- Term Care insurance.

  • You WAITED TO LONG to purchase Long Term Care Insurance and it has become to expensive

  • You were DECLINED for traditional Long-Term Care insurance due to health conditions.

  •  You have a traditional Long- Term Care insurance policy and would like to cover the elimination (deductible)  Period. 

How much does Short Term Care Insurance Cost?

Premiums are based on your current age when you apply. This means the longer you wait the more you pay: both per month and over your lifetime.  

  • Typical Premium at age 55: $48.00

  • Typical Premium at age 65: $94.00

  • Typical Premium at age 75: $215.00 

 *rates quoted are for applicant in the state of Texas