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“I’ve been looking for a medicare supplement for a couple of months. Every site that I went on showed about the same thing. Some called, some emailed and then numerous follow-ups. I attended a free seminar last year and was impressed with the knowledge of the Medicare Hero presenter. They were prompt in their service providing me with the different costs and explaining the different Plans and which would be the best for me. I received a follow-up email but was not hounded by numerous calls or emails. I spoke with many folks wanting to sign me up. I appreciate the fact that Medicare Hero was there when I needed to sign up, since through no fault of my own, signed up almost last minute. Anyway, if you are looking for a Plan, they are attentive without being overly aggressive. I don’t like being pressured to buy or sign up for anything. I need to think and consider all the angles, they did that. Thank you”

LaJan B.  |  5-Star Review via Facebook

“First, the webinar was so informative and easy to understand. It was a great place for me to start. Then Brooke followed up by answering all my questions, giving me information that pertains to me, and helping me get everything in order. I’m sure I would have struggled (for a long time) without the help highly recommend Medicare Hero.”

Susan M.  |  5-Star Review via Google

“As you approach retirement age, you’ll receive a constant barrage of mail telling you about hundreds of various medical coverage options and policies. Hugely confusing, just because of the volume if nothing else. Medicare Hero is a wonderful guide through the barrage, helping you find the most suitable coverage at the best cost. They’ll give you several choices, explaining the gotchas and relative advantages and disadvantages of the “best of the lot”, and help to prevent you from making mistakes you’ll regret later. HIGHLY recommended!” 

Gordon P.  |  5-Star Review via Google

“Watched the webinar video and felt like they were real people not fake Salesmen… so I called them and worked with Chet Kuhn, was amazed at the service, could tell I was dealing with an honest man full of integrity! Would recommend this company to everyone! Was dreading this entire ordeal of Medicare/supplement plans and he made it so easy!”

Sue S.  |  5-Star Review via Facebook

“I just got back from my appointment at Medicare Hero to set up the various supplemental plans I’ll be using when I hit 65 in the near future (we also worked with Medicare Hero last year for my wife). They simplify the entire process wonderfully, and can give you multiple plans to choose from with price comparisons. There is absolutely NO pressure (indeed, they don’t even charge a fee) and they make a complicated situation easy. I would (and will!) happily recommend Medicare Hero to my friends!” 

Stephen W.  |  5-Star Review via Facebook

“Working with Brooke was a pleasure. She was very professional in her approach and it was appreciated. She answered all question that both my wife and I had. The documentation she presented to us made it easy to understand the various options available to us to make an educated decision. 

Fred K.  |  5-Star Review via Yelp

“Chet made the process easy to understand and execute. His knowledge and patience are a tribute to his professionalism. I would gladly recommend him to anyone who is signing up for Medicare”

Judd G.  |  5-Star Review via Google

“I got really good help from Chet at Medicare Hero! He helped me find a cheaper supplemental plan & helped me through the application ! Brooke also was of help by sending me an email prompting me that I had missed their call. And their Webinar was very informative. I thought I knew all about the plans but I learned alot!”

Mary S.  |  5-Star Review via Facebook

“I’m brand new to Medicare and I finalized all the details of my Medicare Supplement and Part D with Brooke today after several weeks of her doing research for me. She is FANTASTIC! Her attention to detail and the effort she expended to help me find the right plans to accommodate my chronic condition (RA) were just outstanding. This company provides a desperately needed service – I’m very grateful.”

Jane S.  |  5-Star Review via Facebook

“Have you ever read a government document? When we started to look into Medicare we were completely lost. We attended a Medicare Hero seminar and in about 20 minutes we understood exactly what we had to do. We set appointments and it took about 30 minutes to take care of all the sign-up. Brooke and Chet gave us choices and their recommendations. We could not be happier with what they have done for us. They took all the guess work out. We highly recommend these folks to anyone (even if you think you have it figured out)! Promise they will not disappoint.”

John W.  |  5-Star Review via Facebook

“The help I got from Chet was extremely helpful. We set up an appointment by phone and he called me when he said he would. He helped me find a cheaper drug plan and also my medical plan. I would highly recommend his service.”

Linda B.  |  5-Star Review via Facebook

“We are so pleased with our Medicare coverage after we worked with Medicare Hero. I first heard of them after I watched an informative video on Medicare Supplemental coverage. I found it accurate. We worked with Brooke Burland, who researched our best coverage fit. Pricing was great as we saved quite a bit on Part D and on our supplemental coverage. Thank you, Brooke and Medicare Hero.”

Barbara C.  |  5-Star Review via Facebook

“Medicare Hero are our heroes, they made a complicated process simple, explained our choices in easy to understand terms and helped us thru the application process, thanks to Brooke & Chet for a great job”

Cary C.  |  5-Star Review via Facebook