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The first and most important thing you should know if you’re new to Medicare, is that you’re not alone. Over the next 20 years, approximately 10,000 Americans per day will turn 65 and become eligible to apply for their hard-earned, Medicare benefits. For most people, enrolling in Medicare will be the first time they’ve selected their own health insurance coverage; as employers typically choose their coverage. We understand selecting the right plan can be confusing and overwhelming to say the least… Have no fear; we are here to help you, and go through this process together.

The Medicare system is already complex as it is; we often find people enrolling in plans that don’t provide proper coverage for their needs, or overpay for their plan. The decisions you make when first enrolling in Medicare are very important and can have lasting effects on your healthcare coverage and the amount you pay for it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you have questions about Medicare in general or if you would like help shopping for the best plan then please know that our team at Medicare Hero is here to help. Think of us as your personal Medicare experts here to guide you through your initial enrollment, plan selection, and beyond! We will provide a wealth of information, guidance, and other resources so you can make confident decisions about your healthcare coverage. Our expert advisors will help you sort through your options to ensure you find the right fit. Even after your enrollment is complete, you will have peace of mind – knowing that your team at Medicare Hero is always by your side. And don’t worry, there is no charge to you for the services that we provide. We are simply paid by the insurance company that you choose for helping you to enroll in your new Medicare coverage!

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About Original Medicare

The combination of Parts A & B of Medicare become our basic hospitalization and medical coverage and is commonnly referred to as Original Medicare. This foundation of coverage is usually complemented by either electing a Medicare Supplement or Part C Advantage plan.
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Medicare Costs

Paying for Medicare coverage works a little differently then how we paid our health insurance premiums during our working years. While most of us have paid one large premium for all of our healthcare coverage during our working years, Medicare coverage is paid in several smaller amounts for individual parts of coverage.
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Applying For Medicare

Getting started early is one of the best things you can do to ensure a stress free enrollment into Medicare. Starting early allows you time to get your paperwork submitted and approved with enough time to spare to easily handle any issues that may arise along the way.
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Shop For Coverage

Shopping between insurance companies in the best way to save money and maximize your Medicare coverage. Our team at Medicare Help you compare over 20 different Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement insurance companies side by side. Start Shopping Now!
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“We recommend Medicare Hero to all of our friends on Medicare. They took the time to help answer all of our questions and ended up saving us over a thousand dollars a year on our supplement plans!”
Ron and Marcy – Dallas, Texas

Supplement or Advantage…

which plan is right for me?

Both Medicare Supplement and Advantage (Part C of Medicare) plans have their own advantages, and selecting the right plan for your personal situation is a very important part of your move onto Medicare. If you feel you have a unique situation or if you are currently receiving government assistance then it is always best to speak with a licensed agent to find out what options are available to you.

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