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Dental Insurance For Seniors:

  • Affordable Dental, Hearing & Vision Plans as low as $31 per month
  • Available for ages 18-85 years old!
  • No Networks! You can choose ANY provider
  • Benefits increase each year up to 80% Coverage
  • No waiting periods for preventive & basic services
  • You will be approved, guaranteed – no questions asked!
  • up to $1,500 annually for Dental, Vision, or Hearing coverage
  • Low ($100) annual deductible
  • Month-to-month policy with no contract!
  • Easy online application takes only minutes

Vision Insurance Benefit

Vision coverage is included at no additional cost to help cover eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Most vision services are not covered by Medicare and Individual vision insurance plans are hard to find. That’s why this Dental and Vision insurance plan is an even greater buy and includes coverage for things such as:

  • Basic eye exam or eye refraction
  • Eyeglasses
  • Contact Lenses

One of the best parts of the Vision benefit of this plan is that eye exams are covered Immediately! The benefit also grows over time so that your coverage for eye exams increases the longer you have the coverage.

Hearing Insurance Benefit

Hearing coverage Is another much needed service that is also not covered by Medicare. As we age our hearing often begins to fade and a regular hearing exam can help identify problems early on. Hearing insurance is also included in this Dental, Vision and Hearing plan for no additional cost! Even if you don’t need hearing services today you will have the peace of mind knowing this great benefit will be there when you need it in the future.

The Hearing Insurance built into this plan gives you coverage for things such as:

  • Hearing Exams
  • Purchase of Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid Repair
  • And other necessary supplies
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