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Medicare Webinars

New To Medicare?

Watch Our FREE Medicare Webinar

Medicare doesn’t have to be confusing. If you are new to Medicare and looking for an easy way to learn about Medicare, you’re in the right spot!

This free online Medicare 101 Webinar will explain Medicare in simple terms and provide you with unbiased guidance to find the best coverage for you. So we invite you to reserve your spot today and see for yourself why our past attendees have rated this Medicare Webinar 5 stars!

Learn about Medicare, the easy way.

Topics we'll cover during this Medicare webinar include...

Medicare 101 seminar explaines the ABC's of Medicare

ABC'S of Medicare

What is Medicare? What does it cover? Medicare parts explained.

Joint our Free Medicare Webinar to learn about your coverage options

Coverage Options

Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage? Your Medicare options explained

When to sign up for Medicare?


When to sign up for Medicare? How to Apply for Medicare? How to avoid penalties.

How much does Medicare cost

Medicare Costs

How much does Medicare cost? How to get more and pay less for your coverage!

Medicare Part D Explained

RX Drug Plans

How do Part D Prescription Drug Plans work? What are the premiums & penalties?

Turning 65?
Confused about Medicare?

You're not alone. If you are turning 65 and feeling overwhelmed about starting your Medicare journey, we're so glad you are here. In this free Medicare 101 webinar, we'll provide you with all the information you need to know when first joining Medicare; in simple and straightforward terms, you can actually understand.

This webinar is a free educational event and our goal is to provide you with the most helpful, unbiased information possible so you can make an informative decision when it comes to selecting your Medicare coverage.

What others are saying about our Medicare Webinars...

Meet Your Webinar Host, Chet Kuhn.

Chet Kuhn

Webinar Host & Medicare Expert
Webinar Host

Chet Kuhn, Owner of Medicare Hero, is a Licensed Medicare expert who has worked in the industry for more than 15 years. He is passionate about helping thousands of Medicare beneficiaries across the country with their Medicare coverage each year. He believes in explaining Medicare in simple terms that people can actually understand. Chet’s approach to making Medicare less complicated is breaking down the basics. Let’s face it; a Medicare 101 seminar isn’t the most exciting subject to learn about, so why make it more overwhelming by providing information you don’t need to know?

Chet is well-known for making Medicare less complicated. So if you are turning 65 or new to Medicare for the first time, we invite you to join this free online Medicare seminar and learn about Medicare the stress-free way! 

Medicare 101 Webinars: FAQ's

A webinar is online seminar or workshop that you can watch right from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. We try as much as possible to have our Medicare webinars feel like live in person events without the hassle of having to drive across down to attend. 

Just to name a few things the webinar will cover…

  • The ABC’s of Original Medicare: What is it? What does it cover?
  • What your coverage options REALLY are!
  • Enrollment: When do I enroll? How do I apply?
  • Medicare Supplement vs. Advantage: Which is right for you?
  • How Medicare works with your Group Health Insurance
  • How to get MORE and pay LESS for your Medicare Coverage
  • Part D Drug Plans: How do they work?
  • The Top (3) Reasons People Overpay for Supplemental Coverage
  • And More!

This Medicare webinar is designed to help people who are new to Medicare, turning 65 within the next year, or those who are simply just looking for an easy way to learn about Medicare.

Yes, this webinar is a 100% FREE Educational event! So you can sit back, relax, and learn about Medicare without having to worry about an insurance company sales pitch at the end.

This new to Medicare webinar is about 1 hour long. 

We recommend blocking out 1-hour of uninterrupted time in a quiet place to watch the webinar. Watching the webinar all the way through the first time is the easiest way to learn the big picture of how Medicare works and what your coverage options are. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy because we are going to cover some very helpful information that you will want to write down.

We’ve got your back!

Register to watch the webinar and we’ll send you a copy of replay video as soon as the webinar ends. That way you can re-watch any parts you may have missed or would like to review again. 

We will also send you a free copy of our Stress Free Guide To Medicare e-book that covers the all important information covered during the webinar. This e-book is a great resource if you are a visual learner who likes printed information.

If you are turning 65 and have credible group coverage through either you or your spouse’s employer then you have a few different options. You can either join Medicare, or delay your Medicare enrollment and remain on your group coverage as long as you or your spouse is still activly working.

We recommend attending this webinar to learn how to compare your options and see which one gives you the best coverage, at the most affordable price.

The best way to get started learning about Medicare is by joining this Free Medicare 101 webinar that will help you learn everything you need to know before signing up for Medicare. 

The first step in the journey to Medicare is to learn the basics of how Medicare works, what is covers, how much it costs, and what your different coverage options are. 

We have leveraged our years of experience guiding thousands of people though their Medicare enrollment process to create a simple step by step course that makes Medicare easy and clear to understand. 

Register for this free educational webinar today and see why our previous webinar attendees say this is the best 1 hour they ever spent learning about Medicare.

While in person Medicare seminars can be a great way to learn about Medicare, it can often be hard to find one in your area that is scheduled for a convenient time. 

A much easier way to get the same great information in a much more convenient way is to register to watch our free ONLINE Medicare Seminars! 

Our new to Medicare online seminars are educational events and completely free to watch! This means you can easily learn about Medicare along side others just like you in a interactive classroom environment, right from the comfort of your own home! 

If you’re ready to compare your Medicare options, you can give us a call at 1-888-321-6361 or simply click here to start comparing plans today: Compare Medicare Plans 

We’ll provide you with a side-by-side comparison from the top-rated insurance carriers so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your Medicare coverage.

We are an independent insurance broker; so no, we don’t represent one specific insurance company. We represent and are licensed with over 25+ insurance carriers. Our goal is to provide you with a side-by-side comparison so you can find the best Medicare coverage that fits your needs and budget. Learn more about us here: About Medicare Hero

We will need the following information to compare Medicare plans for you:

1. Your birth month and year
2. Your zip code
3. Your gender 
4. Are you married or do you live with another adult?
5. A list of your current prescriptions with the names and dosage of each drug.
6. Do you smoke?

We Make Learning Medicare Easy!

Founded in 1985, Medicare Hero is a family-owned insurance brokerage specializing in Medicare; we work with the top insurance companies across 48 states, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Mutual of Omaha, and many others. Our mission is to make Medicare simple. By providing quality education and unbiased guidance to our clients, their able to find the Medicare coverage that best fits their needs and budget. And the best part? Our services are always completely FREE! As a licensed insurance brokerage, we are paid by the insurance company you choose when we help you enroll in your new coverage. This means you never pay a penny for all the help we provide.

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