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We have all heard the old adage of a square peg in a round hole…  its so important of a lesson in fact that they even made a toy so that kids could learn this lesson at a young age. Yet putting this lesson to use is life is not always as easy as it sounds.

For most of us Medicare is the first time we have ever had to research and select our own healthcare coverage as typically our employers took care of the shopping for us, during our working years, and simply provided us with one or two options of coverage to choose from.

Now as we begin the Medicare enrollment process and with so many different coverage options available, it becomes more important then ever to find the coverage that matches the shape of your unique needs. The problem is with so much confusing and generic information available, along with the constant sales pitches from insurance companies, it can truly become a challenge to find the insurance that fits the shape of your needs.

The unfortunate reality is that after struggling to compare plans, benefits, networks, and prices, we all to often see clients simple give up and pick any plan they think might work. Enrolling in the wrong plan can be a very costly mistake and I recently I wrote a hole article on this topic called the #1 Most Expensive Medicare Mistake which you can read by Clicking Here.

This leads us to our #1 Medicare Tip. Simply put if we could only tell you one thing about enrolling in Medicare… this would be it!

Our #1 Medicare Tip

Ask For Help! 

Finding the right Medicare expert can make all the difference! Medicare experts are typically known as Insurance agents or insurance brokers that specialize in Medicare related insurance products. Finding the right help can benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Answer your questions and even help you know which questions to ask.

  • Help you with your Medicare enrollment paperwork

  • They are knowledgeable of the enrollment process as a whole so you wont have to worry about missing a step along the way.

  • They can can show you the prices and benefits of different insurance companies side by side so you can save time and make a well informed decisions.

  • They are paid by the insurance companies so their help is free to you.

3 Key Steps To Finding The Right Help

  • Find an Expert: Friends and family are a great starting point but make sure to find a Medicare expert who knows all of the options available to you and can help you select the one that will work best for your needs. 

  • Tip: Start by talking to family and friends to see if they know any agents or brokers they would recommend. 

Click here to read our article: What To Look For In A Medicare Expert

  • Make sure they are unbiased: In the insurance industry most experts you will find are paid by an insurance company for helping you to enroll. This is a good this as it allows their services to be free to you but be sure they work with ALL of the insurance companies you may be interested in selecting. There are very knowledgeable sales people out there in the world who can be very helpful but if they only work with one company then guess which plan they are going to sell you on? 

  • Tip: Ask this simple question “Which insurance companies do you work with?”. You will want to work with someone who works with at least 5 to 10 different companies… the more the better!

  • Only use someone you trust: Trust is one of the most important things to feeling relaxed and confident in your enrollment. Try starting off by looking up reviews online or asking a friend or family member if they know anyone who could help. 
  • Tip: You can also try calling your Local Council On Aging, which is a government department that can give you the names of a few trusted agents or brokers in your area.