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Road Map To Medicare

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“Road Map To Medicare“

Learn how to find quality coverage
for the lowest price available!

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Topics Will Include:

ABCD’s of Medicare
Medicare really can be easy to understand! We’ll teach you the in’s and out’s of Medicare in simple real world language.

When and How To Enroll
Avoid the Medicare Maze and late enrollment penalties by using our simple enrollment checklist.

Expert Tips To Comparing Your Coverage Options Knowing what to look for when shopping for coverage is key to saving money and ensuring your coverage works when & where you need it!

Top 5 Reasons most People OVERPAY for Medicare!
Discover these 5 simple mistakes many people make that can end up costing them thousands of dollars!

What Medicare Does NOT Cover
Knowing what Medicare does NOT cover could save you from getting stuck with a large healthcare bill.

3 Key Steps to Avoiding Penalties on Medicare
You will be able to sleep in peace at night after learning these key steps to avoiding Medicare penalties. Have a question about your situation and Medicare penalties? Ask our expert LIVE at the webinar!

See what others are saying…

“Great webinar today, I kept waiting for the sales pitch but it never came! This was very informative with lots of good takeaways. I would highly recommend this webinar to anyone new to Medicare or looking for a refresher.”
– Janet C.
Tusla, Oklahoma

“Well done! Very helpful info and opportunities to ask questions. I had never attended a webinar before but this was very well run and surprisingly easy to get to online. I’m looking forward to future topics.”

– Julia R.
Dallas, Texas

“What a great way to learn about Medicare! I am currently still working and it has been hard to find the time to research Medicare and sort though all the Medicare offers I get in the mail every day. I found this webinar online and I’m so glad I signed up! They made understand Medicare SO much easier!”
– Philip S.
Frisco, Texas

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

This webinar is for you if…

  • You Are Turning 65
  • You are over 65 and will be new to Medicare soon
  • You are currently on Medicare and want to make sure you understand your coverage
  • You are currently on Medicare and want to learn how to save money on your coverage

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

What is a webinar?
A webinar is simply a seminar hosted online! You can follow along with the presentation on your computer, Ipad, or even on a smart phone! Feel free to jump in and ask questions or simply listen anonymously.

What if I register but can’t make it?
No problem, we can help you register for another webinar at a more convenient time. Go ahead and register with your email address and we will send you an update with future times available.

I can’t make it to the webinar but I still have questions.
No problem. Just give us a call at 1-888-321-6361 and we are happy to answer any Medicare questions you may have!

Can I ask questions during the webinar?
Absolutely! These sessions are for you. Bring your questions and participate during the Q&A after the event.

This is great but I need more help!
Don’t worry, that’s what we are here for! Just give us a call and one of out Medicare specialists will be happy to help with anything you may need! You can also visit our website at for more information.

How long will the webinar last?
The webinar will last about 30-45 minutes and then we will be available to answer your questions LIVE after the event.

Will you cover Part D perscription drug plans?
Absolutely. We we will show you how Part D drug plans work and how to shop around the find the plan that covers your Medications for the lowest out of pocket cost.

How far in advance should I attend this event before I start Medicare.
We recommend starting your Medicare research 4-6 months before you turn 65 or plan to join Medicare?

Join this FREE webinar to learn how to easily

understand Medicare, receive expert guidance on how

to shop for coverage, and discover our #1 most

successful money saving tip!


Road Map To Medicare

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