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We are a free resource for all Medicare related questions, topics, and insurance products. If you are currently on the Federal Medicare Program, or turning 65 and about to go onto Medicare then we can help answer your questions, shop the market for coverage, and compare top insurance companies. Our specially designed process was created to help make shopping for Medicare Supplement plans simple and easy! In just a few minutes, right over the phone, we can help you shop the market for the right insurance company, find the best plan for your needs and budget, and answer any remaining questions you may have about your Medicare and Medicare Supplement coverage.

Things to Know About Supplement Plans

You are still part of Medicare: You must have Medicare Part A & B in order to apply for a Supplement Plan.

Fills the gaps in Medicare: Supplement plans are specifically designed to pay some or all of the deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance, and excess fees that Medicare does not cover.

Plans are standardized: The benefits from plan to plan are the same from every insurance company. This means that the benefits that Plan F provides will be the same no matter which insurance company you choose.

Prices will vary: Plan premiums for new applicants are based on your age, sex, tobacco use, and location. It is important to shop the market for the lowest premiums for you, especially since each insurance company is providing the same benefits.

Individual coverage: Medigap Policies only cover one person so if you and your spouse are both looking for coverage you will have to buy two separate policies.

Guaranteed renewable: Medicare Supplements are guaranteed renewable, which means an insurance company can never cancel your plan due to health conditions as long as you pay your plan premiums.

No networks: With Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans there are no networks. This means you can use any doctor or hospital in the country that accepts Medicare.

No referrals needed: Medicare supplement plans do not require a referral to see a specialist. It is your choice to see any specialist in the country who accepts Medicare.

Drug coverage is separate: Medigap policies sold after January 1st 2006 are no longer allowed to provide drug coverage, so if you would like drug coverage you will have to purchase a Part D prescription drug plan separately.

Texas Medicare Supplement Plans

As of 2016 there are 49 Insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplements, also known as Medigap Insurance, to the residents in Texas. Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are highly regulated, which means that each of the 49 available companies must offer identical benefits for any plan that they choose to sell. For example a Medicare Supplement plan F sold by Company 1 will have identical benefits to Supplement Plan F sold by Company 2. Because the benefits of each plan sold are standardized it becomes very important to shop for the best priced plan available. Medicare Supplement prices are based on your current age, tobacco use, and location. If you are currently on a Medigap policy and looking to switch coverage in order to save money then insurance companies are allowed to ask you health questions in addition to the previously mentioned information. Once we have identified the best coverage for you, you are able to take that coverage with you anywhere in the country and you can never be denied coverage or dropped from your plan due to your age, health, or location.

Supplement Plans Available in 2016

Note: Plan availability varies based by Insurance company and location.

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